V2X (Vehicle To Everything)

Providing opportunities to develop talent through programming mobility.

V2X (Vehicle to Everything!) is an exciting new project that involves coding, using Arduino & sensor technology to interact with the physical environment and control autonomous robotic vehicles. The Mobility Industry and V2X Technology are at the cross-section of the automotive industry and IT.  This high school project exposes students to the exciting high tech mobility careers right here in Michigan, and builds the Mobility Talent Supply Chain that our post-secondary and industry partners need.  Student teams assemble shoebox size robot kits, install sensor technology, and write code to create self-driving vehicles.  V2X vehicles are capable to completing missions including parallel parking, platooning and obstacle avoidance, mirroring advanced driver assist systems found in modern passenger vehicles. 


Student teams have the option to compete virtually, or at the annual IVD Challenge Day, for awards in performance, engineering, craftsmanship, design, innovation, ambassadorship, presentation and more.

The annual IVD Registration Fee includes:

  • Access to all project resources (Project Parameters, all presentations, parts lists, instructional videos, etc)
  • Participation in Annual IVD Challenge Day Competition
  • Access to exclusive Square One Events like “IVD Kettering Day” at Kettering University, and Industry Exposure Opportunities
  • Access to Technical Meetings for professional learning, project updates, and support
  • Ongoing tech support from IVD Project Specialist
  • On-site tech support available on request
  • Access to private site for networking & tech support

All Square One IVD Teams are eligible for the 99h Grant Program from the Michigan Department of Education.  The 99h program provides funding for registration fees, base vehicles, tools & supplies, “build budget”, food & travel, and teacher stipends.  Cost to field a V2X IVD team is estimated to be $500-$750 per year, plus a $250 registration fee paid to Square One ($750-$1000 total).

 “I am so proud to be a part of the Square One Education Network because it has further influenced my interest in engineering as a whole. I am always happy when I go to competition, whether we win or not, because I believe that’s what Square One Education Network values, is for the up and coming engineers to have a wonderful experience involving engineering!” 

C. Grant, Oak Park High School

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