Are you Managing Your Talent Acquisition the Way you Should?Partner with Square One and help kids connect with real-world training and potential jobs with your company in mind.

Where are we heading as an industry?

A recent research project from the US Chamber of Commerce concluded that the best companies think about securing their future talent by engaging with students as early as K-5. Think of K-5 as your tier 3 supplier, think of middle school as your tier 2 supplier and think of high school and higher education as your tier 1 supplier. Would you treat your tier 1 supplier the same way you treat your talent acquisition?

One great way for Industry to start engaging with their tier 1 talent supply chain is to sponsor a Square One team or sponsor teacher Professional Development Workshops

“The engineers of tomorrow are found in programs like Square One, which fosters the necessary innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that we look for in our employees.”

– Samit Ghosh, President & CEO, P3 North America

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