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Square One provides practical professional learning for educators, and highly authentic and engaging design challenges for students.  Square One programs supplement your existing STEM curriculum and help teachers implement NGSS Engineering Practices, introduce soft skills that are critical for the workplace, and develop student STEM skills for the next generation technical workforce.

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At Square One we know that you want to engage your future student body in authentic & meaningful ways. To do that, you need exposure beginning at a young age & consistently maintained throughout the K-12 experience. Unfortunately, you may not have time, or know how to get involved in the K-12 school system, which may keep you from achieving your goals for brand recognition and enrollment. Square One can help! 

We believe in collaboration and cooperation throughout the Talent Supply Chain, from pre-K, through high school & post-secondary, and into careers.  We facilitate relationships between educators, students, and employers, generate interest in STEM Careers, bring awareness to your brand, and illuminate & highlight STEM career pathways for students, all within the context of our teacher professional learning and student engineering challenge programs.  Building and maintaining these relationships can be hard work, but we’re here to help.  Join our premier post-secondary partners and take advantage of simplified access to your prospective student pipeline.  Our premier partners invest in their Talent Supply Chains by sponsoring programs, providing space, facilitating training, volunteering at events, and co-branding and co-marketing.  These partnerships allow Square One to provide unparalleled service to our students and teachers, while facilitating relationships between our post secondary partners and their future student bodies. 

How we do it.

As a premier partner, you have the opportunity to invest in our youth, while also building your student pipeline.  Square One Partners contribute in a variety of ways:

  • Be a “Presenting Partner” for Events
  • Sponsor a Teacher Workshop
  • Fund Scholarships for Square One Student Alumni
  • Fund Student IVD Team(s)
  • Mentor Student IVD Teams(s)
  • Make Financial Contributions
  • Contribute to our Endowment
  • Donate Space and/or Goods & Services
  • Volunteer for Events
  • Host Student and/or Teacher Field Trips
  • Host Student or Teacher Internships
  • Help us Network with other Potential Partners

Authentic partnerships provide unparalleled access to your future Student Body and tremendous value to your organization:

  • Access to students & parents to build your brand recognition
  • Opportunities to interact with educators & introduce your organization.  They can be your best recruiters!
  • Ability to establish multiple contact points with students, K-12
  • Provide voice in program development, specifically tailoring our offerings to feed your programs
  • Fulfill your philanthropic goals
  • Ability to count on Square One for any K-12 outreach needs

Start investing in your next generation student body, today.

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 “I am so proud to be a part of the Square One Education Network because it has further influenced my interest in engineering as a whole. I am always happy when I go to competition, whether we win or not, because I believe that’s what Square One Education Network values, is for the up and coming engineers to have a wonderful experience involving engineering!” 

C. Grant, Oak Park High School

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