Full Scale Innovative Vehicle Design Challenge

Student Engineers transform gas-powered go-karts, or build vehicles from the ground up,  to create electric or hybrid-electric vehicles, with a focus on efficiency, innovation and energy management.

Square One’s Full-Scale Innovative Vehicle Design (IVD) Challenge inspires teams of high school students to either transform a gas-powered go-kart, or to build a vehicle from the ground up, creating an electric or hybrid-electric vehicle.  Full Scale IVD vehicles are designed to maximize performance on two different tracks (Figure 8 Track & Road Course), while also featuring innovative components that differentiate them from competitors.  Past IVD vehicles have included fuel cell technology, carbon fiber chassis, three wheel “leaning” vehicles, “drive by wire” technology, on-board data collection & control systems, and more.

Emphasis is on leading-edge industry needs including Light-weighting and Connected Vehicle Sensor Technologies, along with traditional vehicle engineering topics.  Teams utilize vehicle engineering principles to predict and minimize energy consumption, to maximize vehicle range, and to guarantee driver safety.  As part of the design process, students investigate all aspects of modern passenger vehicle design.  

Full Scale IVD Content

  • Light-Weighting
  • Micro-Controllers & Sensor Technologies
  • Aerodynamics
  • Rolling Resistance
  • Power & Energy Consumption
  • Electric Drive Systems
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Structural Engineering
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Systems Engineering
  • Battery Technologies
  • Traditional Auto Technologies (Brakes, Suspension, Steering


Full Scale IVD Awards

  • Performance
  • Excellence of Execution
  • Engineering
  • Innovation
  • Craftsmanship
  • Design
  • Ambassadorship
  • Public Relations
  • Presentation

Join the Challenge

Student teams compete at the annual IVD Challenge Day for awards in performance, engineering, craftsmanship, design, innovation, ambassadorship, presentation and more.

The annual Full Scale IVD Registration Fee includes:

  • Kickoff Workshop for 2 teachers & 5 team members
  • Access to all project resources (Project Parameters, all presentations, parts lists, instructional videos, etc)
  • Participation in Annual Mid Season Competition
  • Participation in Annual IVD Challenge Day Competition
  • Access to exclusive Square One Events like “IVD Kettering Day” at Kettering University, and Industry Exposure Opportunities
  • Eligibility for student scholarships exclusively for IVD Alumni (from Kettering University, umlaut, and others)
  • Access to monthly Technical Meetings for professional learning, project updates, and support
  • Ongoing tech support from IVD Project Specialist
  • On-site tech support available on request
  • Access to private site for networking & tech support

As with all the Square One IVD Projects, Full Scale IVD Teams are eligible for the 99h Grant Program from the Michigan Department of Education.  The 99h program provides funding for registration fees, base vehicles, tools & supplies, “build budget”, food & travel, and teacher stipends.

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 “I am so proud to be a part of the Square One Education Network because it has further influenced my interest in engineering as a whole. I am always happy when I go to competition, whether we win or not, because I believe that’s what Square One Education Network values, is for the up and coming engineers to have a wonderful experience involving engineering!” 

C. Grant, Oak Park High School

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