Autonomous Innovative Vehicle Design Challenge

Challenging students to re-engineer a “Power Wheels Jeep” into an autonomous, self-driving vehicle. 

Beginning with a PowerWheels toddler Jeep, and utilizing microcontroller technology, a variety of sensors, and steering control devices to be engineered by students, Autonomous IVD teams create self-driving vehicles capable of completing a variety of missions, modeled after the state of the art in current passenger vehicles!  AIVD Missions include collision avoidance, parallel parking, platooning, lane following, and more.  

Thanks to umlaut for their technical and financial support!   The competition is held at our annual Innovative Vehicle Design Challenge Day.  Student teams compete at the IVD Challenge in performance, engineering and craftsmanship, design innovation, ambassadorship, and presentation categories and this year’s umlaut’s Innovation Award and scholarship program!

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Student teams compete at the annual IVD Challenge Day for awards in performance, engineering, craftsmanship, design, innovation, ambassadorship, presentation and more.

The annual Autonomous IVD Registration Fee includes:

  • Kickoff Workshop for teachers & team members
  • Access to all project resources (Project Parameters, all presentations, parts lists, instructional videos, etc)
  • Participation in Annual IVD Challenge Day Competition
  • Access to exclusive Square One Events like “IVD Kettering Day” at Kettering University, and Industry Exposure Opportunities
  • Eligibility for student scholarships exclusively for IVD Alumni (from Kettering University, umlaut, and others)
  • Access to periodic Technical Meetings for professional learning, project updates, and support
  • Ongoing tech support from IVD Project Specialist
  • On-site tech support available on request
  • Access to private site for networking & tech support

All Square One IVD Teams are eligible for the 99h Grant Program from the Michigan Department of Education.  The 99h program provides funding for registration fees, base vehicles, tools & supplies, “build budget”, food & travel, and teacher stipends.  Cost to field an Autonomous IVD team is estimated to be $3000-$4000 per year, plus a $2000 registration fee paid to Square One ($5000-$6000 total).

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I cannot rate highly enough how extraordinary the Innovative Vehicle Design program is with Square One and would encourage everyone to reach out to them today to see how they can help your student or school or program get involved with this exceptional opportunity!!!” 

Michelle VandyBogurt, Teacher, Northwest High School

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