Providing you with a cost effective way to equip your teachers with state of the art STEM Curriculum.

At Square One we know that you want to equip your teachers with an upward cycle of engagement and funding with state of the art curriculum. To do that, you need a cost-effective way to help students succeed that also differentiates your school from others. The problem is you are under pressure to keep up ratings, enrollment and test scores to maintain state funding. You feel pressure to support the budget, which makes you feel trapped in wanting to increase engagement and curriculum, while not having the time or resources to develop them.

We believe no administrator should have to forfeit their community benefiting from creativity, due to limited time and funding. We understand the pressure you feel to maintain and improve test scores and student populations. That’s why we’ve developed an Educational NETWORK where we partner with many K-12 educators, higher education and industry to create a curriculum using Next Generation Science Standards for our projects that teachers need and students can use to help with their career pathway.​

How we do it.

We offer curriculum and materials that you can implement easily with your current teaching and curriculum. 

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Start equipping your teachers, through an upward cycle of engagement and funding with a state of the art STEM teaching curriculum.

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 “I am so proud to be a part of the Square One Education Network because it has further influenced my interest in engineering as a whole. I am always happy when I go to competition, whether we win or not, because I believe that’s what Square One Education Network values, is for the up and coming engineers to have a wonderful experience involving engineering!” 

C. Grant, Oak Park High School

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