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Square One is thrilled to offer our Autonomous IVD Challenge across the USA, in partnership with ITS America!  See “Upcoming Events” below for more information on the ITS Emerging Leaders Program.

Our Approach: To leverage our Network by

Empowering Teachers

With training, curriculum and ongoing support.

Engaging Students

Through dynamic, hands-on projects.


With turn-key, cost effective and competitive STEM solutions.


Inspiring Donors

By leveraging donations to make a difference to our youth.

Exposing Higher

Promoting a diverse array of  career pathways that include university, community college and technical schools.


Engaging in partnerships to fund student teams, promote industry partner brand recognition and keep content relevant and current to build Talent Supply Chains.

We equip the next generation of innovators by empowering teachers with expertise & technology, and providing authentic project-based learning opportunities for students. Ready to find out more about our programming or sponsorship?

Every Student deserves a chance.  

With the pace of change and task load teachers are faced with each day, engaging students in S.T.E.M. related subjects can seem daunting. We understand. We understand that students are sitting in your classrooms right now who could flourish with the right kind of hands-on projects we equip you, the teacher, with. That’s where we come in. 

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Upcoming Events

Square One provides leading edge, and best practice supported professional development workshops. Each workshop comes with non-consumable supplies to immediately deliver the quality programming to students for years to come.

Square One – ITS Emerging Leaders Program – Autonomous IVD Challenge

To be held at regional competition sites with top three teams facing off at ITS World Congress is Los Angeles.

Lower Peninsula Underwater IVD Competition

Location: Waterford

Date: Postponed

Cybersecurity On the Road Professional Development Workshop Part One

Location: Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor MI

Date: TBD

ITS World Congress

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Date: October 4-8, 2020

Upper Peninsula Underwater IVD Competition

Location: Northern Michigan University, Marquette

Date:  April 25, 2020 

Cybersecurity On the Road Professional Development Workshop Part Two

Location: Macomb Community College

Date: July 2020 @SAE CyberAuto Challenge

Innovative Vehicle Design Challenge

Location: Kettering University, Flint MI

Date: Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Early set up and campus tours Tuesday, May 19, 2020

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Are you ready to give to something that directly impacts our young generation? We believe that to impact our schools we need to first start with inspiring the student. When you give to the Square One Education Network, you make a difference in classrooms across the region. Your gifts provide hands-on STEM learning opportunities for kids in under-resourced schools.

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What we offer. 

Our design challenges are a great way to spark interest and engagement in the classroom and address the NGSS Engineering Practices. Student and teacher based teams come from all over the state to compete in challenges using the vehicles they’ve designed and built. Click on each option to learn more about each challenge and how to register!

Innovative Vehicle Design

Square One’s “Signature Series” of projects enable high school students to incorporate innovation and engineering into their design of a wide variety of complex vehicles. This family of Innovative Vehicle Design projects provide students with a real-world, authentic learning opportunity.  Full Scale, Mini, and Autonomous IVD programs culminate with the annual IVD Challenge Day in May

Underwater Innovative Vehicle Design Challenge

Square One’s Underwater Innovative Vehicle Design project challenges students to engineer for the marine environment. The real world application of underwater robotics makes this a very relevant student project. Student teams must design and build their underwater remotely operated vehicle to accomplish a variety of tasks in a given amount of time. Student teams will compete in vehicle performance, engineering and craftsmanship, design innovation, ambassadorship, and presentation categories.  This project is affordable, manageable by all skill levels, and parts are reusable year after year.

Autonomous Innovative Vehicle Design Challenge

Utilizing Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or Beagle Bone technology, GPS and sensors, Autonomous IVD vehicles must traverse a challenge course and avoid obstacles without driver assistance! Thanks to P3 for their technical and financial support! The competition will be held May 20, 2020 at Kettering University in Flint MI. Student teams compete at the Innovative Vehicle Design Challenge Day in performance, engineering and craftsmanship, design innovation, ambassadorship, and presentation categories and this year’s P3 Innovation Award and scholarship program! Learn more. 

Mini Innovative Vehicle Design Challenge

Square One’s Mini Innovative Vehicle Design Racing Challenge requires teams of high school students to re-engineer an electric 1/10th scale RC vehicle, featuring an innovative component that sets it apart from the rest. Additionally, they must conduct a series of performance tests, collect and analyze data as their project develops. Learn more. 

Full Scale Innovative Vehicle Design Challenge

Square One’s Full-Scale Innovative Vehicle Design Challenge inspires teams of high school students to transform a gas-powered go-kart kit (or build a car from the ground up) into an electric or hybrid electric vehicle, featuring an innovative component that sets it apart from the rest. Emphasis is on leading-edge industry needs – lightweighting and sensor technologies.  Teams complete performance challenges on a Figure 8 Course, and a Road Course, and compete for a variety of awards including Engineering, Innovation, Craftsmanship, Presentation, Ambassadorship, and more. Learn more.


“Thanks again for the great professional development. Square One has an awesome selection of projects to get a wide variety of teachers included. The material and presentation is spot on and the pace is perfect for everyone to stay engaged. THANKS!”

- T. Nesbitt, Teacher

“I am so proud to be a part of the Square One Education Network because it has further advanced my interest in engineering as a whole.

C. Grant, Student

The engineers of tomorrow are found in programs like Square One, which fosters the necessary innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that we look for in our employees. 

– Samit Ghosh, President & CEO, P3 North America

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