V2X (Vehicle to Everything!) is an exciting new avenue for transportation and will come with the potential for high tech jobs right here in Michigan. Providing opportunities to develop talent within our young people is key to its success.

The Square One Education Network has launched a first-of-its-kind V2X project:  Masters of Mobility with the support of  partners from CTN,  HarmanP3 Group, and Washtenaw Community College.

The next workshop is tentatively scheduled for August 2017 in metro Detroit.

Square One has added two outstanding project specialists to our staff to develop this project and provide support throughout the year–teachers JC Irvine and Bob Jones.

This is an opportunity to be one of the few high schools in the state, nation, maybe the world to experience first hand the leading edge of connected vehicle technology!

Resource material  can be found here:

Introduction to V2X Lab Tech

Arduino Orientation

Vehicle Sensor Demo

For a real world look into V2X click here:


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