Autonomous Innovative Vehicle Design Challenge

Square One’s Autonomous Innovative Vehicle Design project challenges students to re-engineer a “Power Wheels Jeep” into an autonomous vehicle. Utilizing Arduino technology, GPS and sensors, Autonomous IVD vehicles must traverse a challenge course and avoid obstacles without driver assistance!  Thanks to P3 for their technical and financial support!

Student teams compete at the Innovative Vehicle Design Challenge Day  in performance, engineering and craftsmanship, design innovation, ambassadorship and presentation categories and this year’s P3 Innovation Award and scholarship program!

In partnership with P3, Square One is pleased to offer four $500 scholarships to graduating seniors participating on a Square One Autonomous IVD team!

Autonomous IVD Scholarship Application will be released in January 2018:

You must have attended the September 22 orientation in person or virtually to register for the 2017-18 season. Contact for questions.

Cost: $50

School Name: